The Wagon Boise


Bus1: The Orignal Wagon

Experience the sleek simple 70s vibe of Bus 1, equipped with a top-notch sound system, a miny wooden beer pong table, comfortable seating for approximately 30 people, and a vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for any occasion, our Party Cruiser is ready to elevate your celebration. The bus comes with a cooler, Neon lights, Balls and Cups.

Book Bus 1 for your next event and let the party on wheels begin!

The Wagon Boise
The Wagon Boise

Bus2: The Wagon 2

Step into the energetic vibe of Bus 2, designed to make your celebration truly special. With ample space for approximately 30 people and a cutting-edge sound system, Two coolers, Champagne buckets, Neon Signs, and amazing lights. The Wagon 2 is the ideal choice for those looking to take their party experience to the next level. This Bus is perfect for wine tasting and other longer-time events.

Reserve Bus 2 and embark on an unforgettable journey of celebration and joy!

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